Chin’ono says Raila Odinga must retire from politics

Prominent Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has called for the retirement of Kenyan politician Raila Odinga after losing presidential elections.

Writing on Facebook, Hopewell said Odinga is a great politician however its his time to quit politics.

What now for Raila Odinga? If I were his child or advisor, I would ask him to retire from politics a great warrior, and let it go.

He is too old to expect a Lazarus moment in his political life.

If he goes to court and there is a Run-Off, he will be crashed by an energized William Ruto’s youthful base!

Raila Odinga is a great friend of progressive politics in Africa, and indeed here in Zimbabwe he helped with the formation of Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC.

He spent years in Kenyan jails under Daniel arap Moi’s repressive dictatorship fighting for democracy and freedom for Kenyans.

He is a good man, his track record speaks for itself, but God just didn’t plan for him to be president, and that it ok too.

Every great warrior and goodman should know when to leave the dance floor.

It will be extremely sad to see him humiliated in another presidential election if it got to that.

I don’t think that Kenyans have the energy for another bruising political battle, they are tired!

It is time to move on and nurture new opposition and democracy warriors.

Like all great warriors, Raila made mistakes, but it is the good things he did that should define him because they outweigh his few mistakes.

A great warrior is not defined with having achieved being President, but with having positively influenced the course of history, and that he did.

There is no doubt even in the minds of his haters that Raila Odinga will be remembered for centuries for the great things he did for humanity, freedom and democracy.

We should celebrate all those things even in his 5th Presidential election loss. He is a great man.
Kenya’s democracy would not have been where it is today without Raila Odinga’s efforts.

So his is not a loss, like Moses, he has a purpose.

Asante Baba.

He however retains the legal right to challenge the election result as he has done before, but to what end?

Kenya’s politics is at a different stage compared to failed economies like Zimbabwe that desperately need political change, Kenya needs stability.

Naitakia Kenya mema!