Radio DJ Isaiah Bikishoni has died

Capitalk 100.4 FM presenter Kevin Sifelani has announced the passing on of Isaiah Bikishoni

In a lengthy post, Sifelani said he is sadenned by the death of Isaiah adding that he will be greatly missed.

Below is what he wrote

A deathly silence descended and spread all over the relatively small town that is Luton this weekend. Luton like its sister town of Slough has nurtured and provided shelter for so many diasporan Zimbabweans since the early 90s. A sense of Zimbabwean culture is never too far away when you visit that town so much so that even the teens and young adults who grew up there and have only a remote and thin experience of Zimbabwe still maintain their culture.They are respectful of their elders and display manners and etiquette that is truly Zimbabwean.

The deathly and uncomfortable silence was borne of the tragic passing of one Isaiah Bikishoni aka Bla Bhidza, Mushudhu, Abhiriyadhi. The usual merriment that comes with the weekend and warm weather has been halted as people remember this charismatic soul.
All will remember his willingness to engage in conversation, his laughter and his amazing story telling skills.

Personally I will reflect on his accounts of watching Dynamos at Gwanzura stadium all those years ago. We would also talk about our mutual affection for St Mary’s township and it’s mysticism.
Journalists and scribes who almost all frequented the Ambassador Hotel those many years ago may recall his amazing charm and joie de vivre.
He was never caught wanting to pay a compliment when it was due.

In a month where other legends like the composer Lamont Dozier, Olivia Newton John have taken flight to be with other angels in the sky I join a multitude of people who will shed a tear and say I miss him.
Rest Easy Bla Bidza!
Our hearts ache.
We miss you already.
These are sombre times at the Sunday Soul Convention but we will meet the challenges of life together.
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