Wellington Mahohoma reveals his dialysis experience

Popular Zimbabwean philanthropist, Wellington Mahohoma, who was recently diagnosed with kidney failure, has today spoken about his recent dialysis experience.

Writing on Facebook, Mahohoma said:

Random post! Today had another session.

Today was a bit different in a way. So I had to change the place I do my dialysis.

I had to change because…well let is say its a story for another day.

The new place is different in that unlike the previous place where I was doing my dialysis alone in a private room, today I was in a huge room with my friends.

We were about 12 warriors in the ring. What caught my attention is the loud silence.

You are there at your comfortable chair, trying by all means to mind your own struggle, business whatever you want to call it.

The young ones with their mobile phones in their hands, me included.

The elderly and those not so well trying to catch a bit of sleep. The staff running around attending to error codes on the machine, tucking the patients in.

I had to ask myself what goes in our minds? Are we thinking about others next to us? Are we comparing to ourselves to those next to us, maybe I am much better than that guy?

Well all I can say its good and bad at the same time. It gives you an opportunity to know that you are not the only one. But then again you end up wondering, making comaprisons.

So many thoughts goes into your mind. Before you know it, those that came before you start leaving.

You start checking your timer, waiting for your turn to be disconnected… Well we fight on! Good luck fellow warriors