Brian Sedze slams CCC over Job Sikhala

Political analyst Brian Sedze has slammed the Citizen Coalition for Change for failing to take care of their legislators Job Sikhala and Godfrey Sithole.

Godfrey and Job Sikhala are languishing in remand prison since June facing allegations of inciting public violence.

Writing in a lengthy post, Sedze said a party with million followers is failing to raise money for their foot soldiers. Only us$ 3000 has been raised for Job and Sithole through a gofund me.

He said:

Having a movement and winning is not in words but its by deeds. A party with millions of sympathisers within and without Zimbabwe raise only us$3000 in 5 days for their foot soilders.Even if it was US$1 per person by now it would have been US$1 million.

People just talk and talk but no sacrifice to the cause except their data which is just entertainment.US$1 is just money for one pint.In this country the largest company is a brewery, Delta, and millions vote for it everyday.

Soon or later MDC Alliance the party Job represent in parly and CCC where he is an interim or volunteer Vice Chairperson must convert fans into members.Surely if the party is working on 6 million voters where is just a $1 per person even for 500 000 already existing members of ccc and alliance.

This is the same phenomenon as number of voters have declined, youth are refusing to register , no one is inspecting the voters roll , on voting day only 40% will cast their ballot and polling agents won’t be found & the few found won’t be paid.In it all the saying is ” The people have spoken” .Which people?

Muchitadza Job na Sithole party yacho munoipa even cent iyemi.Politics hadzifambe mahara.Zvodhura!Party isina mari inodyika easy.Those who understand conviction and money know churches in Zim yesterday collected no less than 1 million us$.

Nb: Job is an old friend of mine .The post is about people not actively participating in causes they believe in and start complaining when their approach cause a win to their adversaries.