Linda Masarira begs VP Chiwenga to forgive Marry Mubaiwa

Human rights advocate Linda Masarira has begged Vice Presirent Constantino Chiwenga to forgive his ex wife Marry Mubaiwa.

Writing on Twitter, Linda said the inhumane and insensitive treatment Marry is getting while in her condition is totally unacceptable.

Masarirsa said nomatter what Marry did wrong, she should be forgiven as she remains the mother of Chiwenga’s children.

Chiwenga’s estranged wife Marry failed to attend proceedings on Friday despite being at the courts as she was too ill to leave her vehicle.

The presiding magistrate issued her with an arrest warrant for failing to climb stairs to the courtroom due to ill health.

Mubaiwa is charged with attempted murder for allegedly trying to kill the Chiwenga who was critically ill and hospitalised in South Africa back in 2019.