Tinashe Mutarisi remembers his late father

Businessman Tinashe Mutarisi took to social media to remember his late father Gono.

Writing on Facebook, heartbroken Mutarisi said his Dad fathered him the best way he knew.

“Anyway you fathered me the best way you knew how plus pamakasiira ndakazopedzisa vanininā€™na zvava zvigondora (shame I just dropped a tear šŸ˜¢)”, he wrote.

He also revealed that his father had 28 children, 23 boys and five girls.

“Dear late father, this could have been us but maingotyisa tyisa zvisina kana art plus taiva 23 boys and 5 girls hamaimbozvigona Gono even Kodak firimu raipera. ”

Tinashe shared pictures with his son while having lunch at Jongwe Corner in Chinhoyi. He revealed that he did not connect much with his Dad because he was a very serious person.