Talitha Dube slams Simba Chikanza

Talitha Dube has slammed United Kingdom based journalist Simba Chikanza for peddling lies against her.

Writing on Facebook, Dube said Chikanza is trolling her on social media adding that he is furious because she refused to be recruited to diss the late Dr Alex Magaisa.

Below is what she wrote

Simba Chikanza stop trolling me. You peddle lies that you helped me. I left Masocha church on my own after realising that it was not for me. That’s the reason why I no longer go to minana churches. I offered to do a live on your page to raise awareness.

You recruited me to diss the late Wangu (RIP Alex) and I refused then you were not happy then you decided to block me on all platforms. I know you have a ghost . Stop doing Facebook live telling fibs that you helped me. Gerraway and concentrate on your perm