Samantha Dzapata’s sister Gamu having hallucinations following the shooting

Samantha Dzapata’s best friend and family spokesperson Winnie has given an update on her friend’s young sister Gamu who was present during the shooting.

Speaking to Hmetro, Winnie said Gamu is not in a good state and is having hallucinations from the shooting.

Winnie added that they will book Gamu for therapy after Samantha Dzapata’s burial.

“Her death is a huge blow to Gamu. She is crying non-stop and she is having hallucinations from the shooting. We pray that she heals and moves past the incident and that the family will soon book her for therapy, after the burial,” said Winnie.

Winnie added that the Dzapata family had resolved not to accept anything from Boss Pangolin’s family insisting that they want to bury their daughter peacefully.