Natalie Mhandu apologises for posting a meme mocking Mai Tt’s relationships

One of Mai Titis’ bridesmaids Natalie Mhandu popularly known Enchantress was forced to take down a post describing how relationships these days dont last.

People were quick to point out that she is mocking Mai Tt’s short lived relationships. The socialite had to issue an apology on social media.

Mai Tt is currently going through a break up with Tinashe Maphosa after she revealed that she was being abused.

Natalie said:

“I apologize for being misinterpreted I’m not a spiteful person. However I didn’t realize this was bad timing for the reposted meme (which I took off someone’s story) and that’s an oversight on my part. I felt the need to explain. This was a random repost and I did not meant to do any harm she added.”