Mai Tt speaks on breaking up with Tinashe Maphosa

Mai Tt is fuming after her audio fighting with Tinashe Maphosa over money leaked on Social media.

Writing in a long Facebook post, Mai Tt said because of trusting too much she always gets hurts thus she has to be heartless.

Handirarame nezvikwereti I work hard for my money . You have no idea how if feels to use all your savings expecting to be paid back then you get angry when delayed . Your anger becomes the topic but what triggered it ?? In this life I’m owing nobody , but all I can say I lost all I sweat for because of trust. I have a big heart wich loves too much .

Trusts too much but each time I do , I get hurt .
I will teach my heart to be heartless that is the only way I can protect it from harm .
So many people texting me and saying how much are you owing we can help ? Thank you but I’m not owing anybody I’m supposed to be paid back but nobody is willing to . Wich is ok . God will pay me back. I have always cried to him and he replaces what has been taken and in most cases he returns it double.

I’m speaking from a very broken heart and of course nobody cares most would say wakaura but you will also know how it feels to be crucified for being kind . Betrayed by someone you truly believed in , someone who is supposed to defend you but rather will throw you to the wolves , because I have a temper , I’m seen as crazy but what caused the temper nobody cares 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️. When you are loud you are always wrong even deep down they know you are right .

I hate myself for being me , I wish I would pretend to be who I’m not but unfortunately I can’t change me . Oneday when I’m gone some people will realize oh she was not so bad after all.