Ezra Slams Gambakwe Media

    Popular award winning Zimbabwean journalist, Ezra ‘Tshisa’ Sibanda has slammed Gambakwe media for misrepresenting facts following the death of late Harare based socialite George Munetsi.

    This comes after Gambakwe Media quoted Ezra as reporting that the South African based radio Dj George Munetsi had died.

    It has now emerged that the George Munetsi who collapsed and died is a Harare businessman with the same name, and not the South African based DJ George Munetsi.

    The original post by Ezra read:

    Sibanda said George Munetsi the Radio Presenter is alive and well in South Africa, “there are two George Munetsis sharing same name, contrary to what Gambakwe wrote on his fake website and social media pages.”

    He added that Gambakwe should stop putting his name on his fake stories.

    Gambakwe Media is one of the biggest private media platforms in Zimbabwe, followed by millions of Zimbabweans, especially those in the Diaspora.

    Below is the full statement

    For how long should people be subjected to sickening Pretoria based Gambakwe Fake Media?

    This guy continues to expose himself as the most clueless, naive and lying wannabe journalist Zimbabwe has ever known.

    The stinking disinformation, lies and hoaxes by Gambakwe which accelerate like fart are so painful to read.

    He grabs Facebook posts from anyone, twist and craft lies to try and create news just to persuade his readers that he is an authentic journalist.

    He has the guts to steal my post on Facebook, then twist and create lies rushing to post it as breaking news on his useless page.

    This unethical, unprofessional, insensitive, clueless, classless, fake and cancerous failed wannabe journalist should just stop the trade and get a job as a waiter or cleaner.

    Stop putting my name in your fake stories. He is a disaster, Stop It.