WATCH: Chamisa will win in 2023 without structures – Dr Feddious Mutenheri

WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe Media speaks to Dr Feddious Mutenheri Who is visiting South Africa for the first time.

Key Points from the discussion

  1. The CCC are not puppets of the west. The narrative was started by ZANU-PF during the land reform program when they were losing support to the MDC. ZANU-PF is the puppet because they are parceling out land to China.
  2. The CCC resonates with young people because they are a social democratic party. The idea that the CCC is bringing to the fore is that Zimbabweans should have their freedoms.
  3. Chamisa will win the 2023 elections without structures because citizens are the bigger structure. This generation has came together and said there is a kind of economy we want. Anyone who wants a job, opportunity and living life without thinking about politics is part of the CCC.
  4. CCC are ready to govern. Was ZANU-PF ready to govern in 1980? ED was a young man in 1980, coming from the bush. Did they have structures? They were just young man and women who were determined to wage a war.
  5. The CCC is waging a democratic struggle and they are on the right track. Chamisa will win in 2023, its going to happen. The opposition has always won elections in Zimbabwe.
  6. The GNU showed that the CCC can do it, for the first time Zimbabweans had relief. The economy worked for the first time. And no one had given them a chance. There is no particular formular that ZANU-PF can teach CCC because they have failed over the past 42 years.
  7. Has ZANU-PF managed to create independent state security institutions? There are only a few bad apples that chose to align themselves to political players.
  8. All young people who want to have a brighter future must register to vote.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.