Hip Hop star Desmond Chideme popularly known as Stunner has been acquitted in a matter he was accused of assaulting his wife Dione Tafirenyika.

Harare magistrate Evelyn Mashayakure found Chideme not guilty and ruled that Tafirenyika’s evidence was weak to an extent that a reasonable court would not convict.

Dyonne alleged that she was assaulted Stunner at the Rainbow Towers hotel sometime in April.

Stunner took to social media to celebrate after the court cleared his name of the assault charges.

“Stunner not guilty !!!! Court could not be fooled , haisi social media. Thank you to everyone that stood by me and to those that believe most of the social media nonsense, dzorai moyo coz dzimwe nyaya dzinoda vanhu vaviri . Let’s move on nebasa this Saturday Mutare flava town 16 July.”

Please read below Stunner’s official statement regarding his acquittal.