Former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s son, Chatunga, has slammed ZANU PF for calling Baba Harare opposition after urging people to register to vote.

Chatungs mocked Zanu PF over the wave of glaring confusion and errors in the former revolutionary party.

Chatunga questioned how ZANU PF will get 5million votes when it is attacking people who are trying to mobilize a huge turnout in voter registration.

“The most interesting part is Zanu Pf people are running a #5Millionvotes campaign but when someone tries to encourage people to register they start calling that person an oposition.
So my question is 5 Million votes idzi dzichabva Kupi?”

Last week Zanu PF hardliners attacked Baba Harare after the lanky singer implored young people to register to vote.