Tinashe Nyamukapa says Celebration church Pastor Tom and Bonnie Deuschle abused him

Gospel musicianTinashe Nyamukapa has revealed that Celebration church Pastor Tom and and his wife Bonnie Deuschle abused him.

Writing on Facebook, Tinashe said the couple has tried to destroy his career and livelihood despite leaving the church.

Below is what he wrote

For a long time I have kept my peace. For a long time I’ve been silent but I have had enough. I was wronged by Celebration church, I was abused by Pastor Tom and Bonnie Deuschle. Those pple tried to destroy my career and my livelihood and even after living their organization they kept on maligning my name and speaking evil of my name in Evangelical circles. At one point a Pastor came to me and told me that they had been told about me and told never to entertain me or book me for worship gigs

After I had already left this institution On one gig where I was supposed to play piano for an event at the Celebration center the artist dropped me and told me that they had been told that if play for them they would be removed from the line up.

Come to now when I’m in the business world a person who was supposed to give me a contract told me they had been told not to give me that contract

I can go on with story after story.

Now recently I got to know that Celebration pple where discussing me in their WhatsApp groups. I want to warn everyone who is engaging in that behavior that the Lord is fighting for me and while you think you are doing it in secret he is exposing your deeds and you have been exposed

I have to speak out, I cannot keep silence any longer