Uebert Angel pens emotional message to celebrate BeBe’s 40th birthday

Prophet Uebert has penned down a romantic message to celebrate his wife BeBe’s birthday.

Beverly Madzudzo was born on the 4th of July 1982. She just turned 40 years.

Below is what Uebert Angel wrote

Where do I start or even end when the litany of your sterling virtues are unending and ‘unsearchable’. How will I know when to end? What volumes can then contain the text of inexhaustible accolades of an excellent spirit which you are?

Let me just start as simple as I can – HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a well positioned pivot of my life, a doting mother, my prudent wife, beautiful friend, anchor, protective companion, radiant Christian, undeniable God catcher and extremely quiet spirited lover of my life.

The crucible of your person is purposefully eventful, impactful, powerful, spiritual, loving, unperturbed by the vicissitudes of life and very prophetic. You exemplify commitment, passion, care and diligence with so much large-heartedness- you are a door to many facets of God and through you I have seen deep dimensions of God’s love towards me.

You are a gallant soldier with so many unprecedented accomplishments. Your selflessness is so owe inspiring and remarkable and your example is the benchmark for many sons and daughters God has lavished upon us over the years in ministry and to our boys you ooze with Grace so this year as you add one more year to your young age I speak peace, love, prosperity, joy and longevity over your life in the unmatched name of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.

Happy Birthday my love. Happy Birthday my wife. You are the daily star of the concert in my heart and the spotlight of my heart is and will always be constantly on you. Have a great month. HAPPY BIRTHDAY – I prophesy many many many more years of celebration