South Africa’s Home Affairs Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi, has attacked the Helen Suzman Foundation for challenging the ministry’s decision to terminate the Zimbabwean Exemption Permits.

Motsoaledi said, the recent court action launched by the Helen Suzman Foundation (HSF) is a perfect example of the destructive role that some non-governmental organisations (NGO) are capable of.

The Home Affairs Department has called upon all Zimbabwean nationals to ignore what it calls false hope provided by the Helen Suzman Foundation.

Motsoaledi also said his decision has been widely supported by SA citizens thus, HSF is twisting the support by citizens as being ‘xenophobic’.

He said if the Foundation had the interests of Africans at heart, it should assist those affected to apply for a visa provided for in the Immigration Act.

The minister insists that Zimbabweans must still adhere to the procedures outlined by the department.