Two missing Zim girls Vanessa, Kimberly found in Joburg

Two missing Zimbabwean girls have been found in Joburg after allegedly running away from their parents in Capetown.

The two teenegers are under the care of Lauriel in Joburg where they sought refuge after claiming that their parents died.

The girls are refusing to go back to their parents citing that they were being illtreated.

Below is a report from Great Hope facebook page

Vana ava vakatiza vakanogara muStreet kuJoburg after having a big argument with their parents. Vari kuti they threatened kutiza pamba and their parents vakati endai henyu. So vana ava vakatengesa maPhone avo pavanga vari kuCape Town then vakatsvaga transport yekuenda kuJoburg.

Pavakasvika kuJoburg vakasangana nemumwe musikana mumaStreets ekuJoburg vakanyepa kuti their parents died and vakamukumbira pekurara. So vairara kumba kwake every night but during the day hanzi vaiswera vachitenderera mumaStreets eJoburg and they were not bathing.

They are claiming kuti they were being abused kumba. Vese vari two vari kuti they don’t want anything to do with their parents. They also have a brother in Pretoria bt varamba kuenda kwaari as well. For now, they are being helped nemusikana anonzi Lauriel muZimbabwean. So for now they are being given temporary shelter but kumba varamba kuenda. Details are still sketchy at the moment, more to follow…

From Vengai Chari