Hopewell Chin’ono reports that Alex Magaisa’s body arrived at his beloved family home in Njanja yesterday.

It will be laid to rest today morning at 11.00 am.

Below are the directions to his rural home.

From Harare we take Seke road then continue with it as Wedza road. It’s a straight road from Chitungwiza, then we reach a strip road from Mushandirapamwe shops.

Continue with the strip road then there is an only tarred left turn road you will see on the way, you take that left turn and continue with it until you you reach Wedza.

From Wedza you continue with the road towards Sadza Growth point. After crossing the big Save bridge you focus to your left, first you see the Kadenge homestead sign on your left, then immediately after, there is the Magaisa Homstead sign.

That’s where you take the left turn.
That’s where the Magaisa Homstead is.