President Emmerson Mnangagwa has slammed youths compring to former prime minister of Rhodesia, the late Ian Douglas Smith.

Speaking during the burial of Retired Major-General Sydney “Yengani” Bhehe at the National Heroes Acre in Harare on Monday,  Mnangagwa said that it was disheartening that Zimbabweans were comparing him to Ian Smith.

He said:

It is most disheartening to hear some of our misinformed and misguided young people, peddling the grossly false narrative that life under lan Smith was better than that, after Independence.

Foolish young people. The onus is on the older generation to constantly explain to the youth of our country that Ian Smith and those present-day counter-revolutionaries with similar inclinations, personified plunder and pillage of our motherland.

These brutes of unrepentant supremacists seek to make Zimbabwe a country where Africans ourselves are disenfranchised and turned into puppets for their…economic benefit. This will never ever happen. Such colonial style capitalistic domination under whatever guise will never be accepted with Zimbabwe under the revolutionary party Zanu-PF.