ZANU PF top official Evelyn Mpofu has died

ZANU-PF Matabeleland South Women’s League vice chairlady Evelyn Mpofu has died after collapsing on Friday evening near her home in Esigodini.

Mourners are gathered at her home in Esigodini. Mpofu has been granted a state assisted burial.

Mpofu was born on 24 September 1984 at United Bulawayo Hospitals and did her early primary education at Reigate School in Bulawayo up to Grade Five before transferring to Mvuthu Primary School in Habane, Esigodini.

She did her secondary education at Mvuthu High School in the same area.

Mpofu became actively involved in politics in 1998. She then joined the National Youth Service at Border Gezi Training Camp in 2001 and graduated in the same year.