Popular UK based Zimbabwean Journalist,  Maynard Manyowa, yesterday appeared in court for violating the Domestic Violence Act after he allegedly assaulted his first wife, Mutsa Guta.

This comes after Mutsa sold some of Maynard’s furniture and attempted to change ownership of their house.

The case went to court after Mutsa took to social media accusing Manyowa of gender based violence.

Musta Gutsa is accused of selling furniture belonging to Maynard Manyowa amounting to over $14000 USDollars.

A women’s group has started a petition against Maynard which reads:

It is with a heavy heart that l come to you. I am in pain because of the inhumanity shown by fellow Zimbabweans.

Maynard Manyowa married my sister and they had two children. You all know this story, Maynard then married another woman and it is funny how they looked like one whole big family when in insense they are not.

Maynard stopped paying bills and taking care of the family and my sister Mutsa had to make ends meet as a woman such that the children survive.

The one house they had bought together during their marriage when all was still rosy, Maynard came for the title deeds.

Mutsa was using this house to shelter the children and some parts of it were sublet for rental to get extra money. Maynard now wants this house for his new family in the UK.

They now want this same house again for themselves. My fellow Zimbabweans, Maynard beat my sister left right and center for the title deeds. We reported him to the Police Station kuCentral but he came with a C10 and he was bailed out. Please help me advocate for justice. Maynard Manyowa is a violent and selfish man saka akuda kuti vana vake vaite sei? He should be arrested.