World Remit stops bank transfers to Zimbabwe

Global money transfer agent, World Remit has decided to remove bank transfers and building society transfers from their service in Zimbabwe.

In a statement the money remittance company said it will no longer allow its customers in Zimbabwe to receive money directly into their bank accounts.

The statement from World Remit reads as follows:

At WorldRemit, we pride ourselves on offering the best possible service to our customers. Sometimes that means removing services where we don’t believe we can provide the best-quality service or the widest range of options for you.

We’ve decided to remove bank transfers from our service in Zimbabwe. From 29/06/2022, you won’t be able to send money to bank accounts in Zimbabwe.

We do apologise for any inconvenience this causes to yo or your loved ones. The good news is that our other money transfers, including cash pickup, mobile money and airtime, will still be available. Have a look at our website and app for more information.

Thank you,
WorldRemit Customer Care team.