Zambezi River Authority pervert Temson Tamanyika se_xually harasses tenant

Showbiz reports that Zambezi River Authority pervert Temson Tamanyika allegedly raped his tenant after his love proposal was turned down by the sister of the tenant.

Temson sent messages to the sister of the tenant asking her out and a few days after she turned him down, she started harassing everyone at the house.

Precious Zheke said they were so traumatised by the experience.

Brother to the victim Isaac Nhemachena confirmed the incident saying he had received a notice from Tamanyika after the incident to vacate the house.

When contacted for comment, Temson threatened the reporter saying he had a brother working for central Intelligence office.

He said people make mistakes adding that his tenant is trying to black mail him. Temson said he is chasing away the tenants because he got a better offer.