Chin’ono bemoans state of prisons in Zimbabwe

Prominent journalist Hopewell Chino’no took to social media to bemoan the state of prisons in Zimbabwe.

Hopewell shared a picture on Facebook showing the terrible conditions prisoners find themselves in.

Chin’ono said prisoners are inhumanely treated, people sleep on the floor, with no proper toilet or running water.

In 2020 Hopewell was arbitrarily arrested at his home in Harare and charged with ā€˜incitement to commit public violence.

He said: “each time I have been arrested, this is how I slept, in this room, exactly the way you are seeing it!

Each time we have been wrongly arrested and jailed, this is how we lived! Exactly as you see it on this picture! This is exactly how we slept, on the floor, with no proper toilet or running water!

I was being punished for exposing corruption, for speaking out against mis-governance. So next time I am arrested and jailed again, I want you to know that this is where I will be, this is how I will be sleeping.

This is the price I have had to pay for wanting you and I and everyone else to live in a better country. I just thought you should see what it means when I am send to prison, this is itšŸ‘‡šŸæ

I spent 85 days living like this for doing my work as a journalist! I am not asking you to go to jail, I am only asking you to register to vote, that is all!