Ezra Sibanda slams Gambakwe

    Zimbabwean journalist Ezra Tshisa Sibanda has slammed Gambakwe Media for providing misleading facts on Kuda Mahachi’s story.

    Writing on Facebook Sibanda said its shocking and sad that there is suddenly a fake journalist busy bringing old news and trying to make them new to cover Mahachi’s case.

    This comes after Gambakwe media reported that a medical report states that Mahachi did not burn Diego instead he has an allergy.

    Below is what Ezra said

    Police will act on the allegations of Kuda Mahachi once all the investigations are done and truth on who burnt the young Diego will be out when they finish interviewing all the people concerned. At the end of it all Diego will get justice and they can continue to wine and dine, drink and be merry while the young child remains battling for his life at Mpilo Hospital. God is watching, it will soon catch up with them. They can try to portray themselves as innocent but justice will prevail. No amount of cash will cover up for this heinous crime.

    Please don’t listen to fake media looking for likes and hits. Those who create misinformation deliberately try to manipulate legitimate journalists into covering false or misleading content, knowing that a poorly worded headline or debunk can give a rumuor or hoax much needed oxygen. It’s shocking and sad that there is suddenly a fake journalist busy bringing old news and trying to make them new. The mother of Diego hasn’t reported the case in South Afrjca yet. She will do so once Diego has fully recovered and able to travel to South Africa. This will be done in conjunction with Zimbabwe Republic Police. ZRP is also doing its work in Zim and those involved in harming the child will face consequences of their action.

    Diego’s mum hasn’t demanded any money to drop the case. The fake so called Zim journalist in Pretoria thrives on misinformation and has taken an old case of Marita v Kuda which happened years ago trying so hard to make it as if its for this case. It’s an old case and has nothing to do with the current Deigo case. This case can never be dropped because it was clear attempt to take Diego life and the world needs to know why. The medical records of Diego were never given to anyone so the Pretoria based fake journalist is lying that he has them. The copies of medical records were given to ZRP and are in the police files as they continue to compile evidence. They confirm the child was burnt by hot water.

    The Pretoria based fake journalist should stop embarrassing himself and should try to avoid spreading misinformation by repeating a false claim, reposting manipulated old documents , and restating inaccurate quotes. He should learn to state what is true and false not amplifying content which is fake and shared by those trying to defeat the course of justice. I don’t know why he is not coming Zimbabwe to dine and dance in Romney Park with his sponsors. Diego is in hospital but some people who claim to love the boy have the guts to rejoice, drink and dance #nofeelings #nocare #heartlesscrew #justice4diego