Mai Tt speaks on Chihera’s arrest

Mai Tt has revealed that she is willing to have Evidence Chihera released if she tell her who started with the rape rumours.

Mai Tt said she will fight for her children with her blood than to let false allegations destroy he daughter’s life.

Below is what she said.

I’m willing to withdraw if she could tell me akamuudza kuti vana vakabatwa chibharo ndiyani? Anything else she says about me hazvina basa but iye as a victim of rape uye munhukadzi anofanira kuziva trauma tht comes with it.

When she shared her rape story you never heard me saying anything about it I even felt for her knowing what she probably went through but she has the guts to raise false allegations about my kids ????
My daughter went to school akabvunzwa kuti who raped you according to Chihera and why is your mom covering for you??

Do you know what my kid is going through right now ??And you start saying hee iwe unotuka wani ?? Ndinomukotukamunhu asina zvaandiita here?? This story goes to how it started never for one ☝️ day yandakatuka munhu uyu, she insults me and run to get peace order. There is no professiona called Gossip in Zimbabwe, none .

I have been painted black nevanhu vanondidenha everytime ndikapindura zvaipa so now handichapindure. ZvaRavhuness zvekuti you will do something you will do nothing because you are not and never above the law . Chihera s still kuma cells and I’m here so don’t try to be given credit for nothing . I’m sure you are the one who paid her to do this gossip but on this one wabata wrong button . I will fight you with my blood 🩸..

Whoever ane case neni report and you bring proof yekuti wakatukirweyi neni wawamboitasey . Stop intimidating me I’m not moved . This one ☝️ we go to WAR.Politics got nothing to do with my Kids I will die for them. Rather bring her food not kusweroposta rubbish pano.