CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere has paid tribute to Alex Magaisa who died today after suffering cardiac arrest at Margate Hospital.

Mahere penned an emotional letter saying she is hurt with Magaisa for leaving without saying goodbye.

Below is what she wrote

Dear Alex Magaisa,

Why? Why now?

What about all the plans we had for the new Great Zimbabwe?

When you didn’t reply my last message, I figured you needed a mental break. We all do. I knew I should have reached out and possibly visited when I was in the UK. I procrastinated. The problem is that we think we have time.

I wish I had known to number our days. I would have called. I’m a flurry of confusion because you held my hand many times as I, a novice, navigated deep waters. You counseled. You listened. You shared. You gave insight. You clapped. You appreciated.

I’m mad and angry – like someone who’s been robbed.

You listened, watched and corrected.

Remember when you told me to speak big and think big? You told me to speak boldly about victory.

You stood up for me many times when I was bullied online and off. In most cases, I didn’t have to ask. That’s who you were. You always stood up for the little guy. You focused on the pain of others and never your own. You always chose principle – even when it was unpopular.

You called it a coup before most. You said no shortcuts – constitution first always. In fact, you helped author the supreme law. That was the enormity of your intellect. What will I read every Saturday morning?

“Read Fadzie. Have you read?”

I am broken, confused and devastated.

They don’t make them like you anymore.

For the first time, I’m upset with you – for failing to observe due process and leaving without notice.

To whom shall I now address my SOS? I’m gutted.

God bless you and may your legacy live way beyond you.

My friend, brother and soldier.

Rest In Peace.