Rusape witch fails to explain why she was found naked at fresh grave

A Rusape woman, Prica Magondo (70), has failed to explain why she was found naked the following morning after the burial of her neighbour, Abigail Nyamukomba.

Prisca told the traditional court of Chief Makoni that she has no recollection of what happened for her to be found naked at the grave. Prisca was being charged for the crime of witchcraft.

Prisca lives with her male cousin,Reggis. Reggis said his grandmother sometimes gets lost and wonders off. However, he says he has not told anyone as she has never been found naked before.

Her son said said on the day in question, Prisca went to attend the funeral of Abigail and decided to sleep over at the Nyamukomba homestead. Sometime in the night, Prisca woke up and left. She has not been able to explain to the community what happened to her clothes.

Prisca was found naked by group of men while hiding naked behind a bush. The men were coming from inspecting the grave of the Abigail and included her father, Malvin Nyamukomba. While walking back, a young man called Tendai saw Prisca naked and confronted her.

Prisca said she blacked out and does not recall how she removed her clothes.

When he asked her why she was naked near the graves, Prisca told Tendai that she was looking for a broom. The men called local women who took Prisca and dressed her up.

The case was taken to the local headman who took the case to Chief Makoni’s traditional court.

Chief Makoni ordered that Prisca should be taken to traditional and spiritual healers for cleansing.

In her defence, Prisca said she blacked out. Her cousin told the court that his grandmother sometimes loses her mind and wonders off. However, he said he has never told this to anyone.


Prisca’s on said his mother could have decided to leave and go home at night resulting in her wondering off.


Chief Makoni said given the facts, it can not be determined upfront if she was a witch as the grave was not tampered with. He ordered her to be examined by traditional healers and spiritual leaders, who must report back to him.

The dress that Prisca was wearing on the night was found 6 days later about 400m from the location where she was found naked.

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