Harare man Tawanda Mogo ra_pes 17 years old maid

A Harare man Tawanda Mogo allegedly ra_ped a 17 years old maid while his wife had travelled to her rural home.

Tawanda came back home from a party around 1am and asked the maid to iron for him and sleep in the dining before forcing himself on the girl.

The maid reported the matter to the police in Makoni  and the man was arrested however he was released without beig charged and is allegedly planning to escape the country.

The wife is also trying by all means to send the Maid back kumusha so the case dies down.

Please Help from Hidey . This 17 year old came from Buhera kuzoshanda in Harare as a Maid, Unfortunately she was allegedly raped by her employer’s husband Tawanda Mogo. She had to seek refuge with neighbors.

The alleged rapist took advantage when her wife was kumusha came back home from a party and asked the maid at 1 am in the morning to wake up and iron for him and then told her to sleep in the dining room instead of her room after she had ironed that’s when he entered her blankets and forced himself on the young girl she said she screamed but no one heard her.

Then in the morning the following day she told her friend another maid and the Case was reported and he was arrested taken into cells at makoni police station so that he appears in court something that ended up not happening as he was released back door not even on bail or court was done corruption at its best. Now its being said he is planning zo skipp the country.

The wife is trying by all means to send the Maid back kumusha so the case dies down. The girl is from a disadvantaged family in Buhera. Any organization that can help seek justice ?