Award winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has applauded American actor Johnny Depp for stsnd up against Amber Heard’s defamation case.

Chin’ono said Johnny’s story is a great reminder of how a few rotten women make it difficult for genuine victims of abuse to be heard.

He said he has been slandered by women he has never met, with their primary driver being ZANUPF propaganda.

We have heard so many cases of people making false accusations about folks they have never met in real life! I applaud Johnny Depp for standing up against LIES!

I have been slandered by women I have never met, of course their primary driver was ZANUPF propaganda.

However there is a bigger issue which sensible women must take into account, when you keep quiet when another woman is lying especially when you know that they are lying, you are making it difficult for yourself to be heard of God forbid you are genuinely abused!

Using FALSE accusations of rape, violence abuse, or mental abuse to fix a man is the most irresponsible thing any woman can do towards the advancement of women’s rights!

It is evil and it sets back the cause for women making it difficult for those genuinely aggrieved to be believed!Most men in opposition now have cameras everywhere in their homes to guard against this menace of women who are paid to slander men for political objectives!