Olinda Chapel ‘s new employee hospitalised in the UK

Popular UK based Zimbabwean businesswoman, Olinda Chapel, is trending on social Media after one of her employees who recently arrived from Zimbabwe has been hospitalised.

The new employee was reported to be suffering from frost bite after she spent a night in a house without electricity and heating.

According to a relative who appeared on a Facebook LIVE stream on Zimbo LIVE TV, the new employee has been living under unsuitable conditions and her case has now been taken over by British police and Social Services.

The relative claimed that Olinda charged their relative over 2600 pounds for the sponsorship of their relative to come to the UK as a caregiver.

On arrival, Olinda put her in her in a house which was filthy and did not have any working stove.

The relative said the employee was forced to share a bed with a Nigerian woman who had also recently arrived.

The relative alleged that Gain Healthcare employees are made to work continuously without rest for seven days a week, with each shift lasting over eight hours.

She urged all new Zimbabwean arrivals not to be abused by their sponsors when they arrive in the UK and as it is illegal for sponsors to treat their employees in this manner.

Please watch the video below this post for more details.