Meet Bulawayo designer, Benard Hatirarami

From using bedroom as a workshop in Pumula to become one of the best suits designer in Bulawayo.
Meet our one and only Bernard Hatirarami designer and tailor for suits well known as Bernads Hatts on social media.

Born in a family of tailors both mom and dad it was always in me used to design my shirts and jeans… My parents didn’t want me to be like them they told me tailoring iyilamali do something so I ended up doing automotive engineering finished my first year did my attachment after that the couldn’t pay for my fees so I to stay doing nothing for few months until I lost all my clothes ku washing line (Pumula north) was left with clothes I was wearing long story short I had to go back and start designing my own clothes which a lot of people loved started getting more clients I really loved what I was doing bought my machines starting working from my bedroom most of my clients then were from church so for me to break the market I had to try and make suits and it worked thus when I decided to specialize on suits only coz I couldn’t finish orders on time 6 years later I now work with 2 guys and we doing well.
In this industry I have worked with Ben Chest thus my guy from day one he just believed in my craft.. I have worked with Nceku (Thuba the comedian) Gilmoretee.. I have worked with currently Miss Tourism Zim Chipo Mindiudza

Bernard’s suits costs from only $60 you can get you suit.

You can contact him on +263775521852