Tinashe Mutarisi’s wife sick

Businessman Tinashe Mutatisi has revealed that his wife was admitted in hospital while he was away in Zambia.

Writing on Facebook, Mutarisi said he left the love of his life alone in hospital while he went for a business trip.

Tinashe said Mai Mutarisi is currently recovering at home and he is nursing her.

Below is what he wrote

Good morning good pple, how are you this morning? I trust you’re all well and I thank the Lord for that. I can’t believe I had to Zambia leaving the love of my life alone in hospital. We are grateful she is home now and to God be the glory.

I’m going to be posting lighter moments of the trip to Zambia the whole day today. I will probably post 10 or so times saka mukagara modzoka pano. I’m staying home today nursing madam saka muri pama one.