Popular CCC youth leader, Cecilia Chimbiri, has slammed CCC Keyboard warriors who criticized her for playing soccer with ZANU-PF members.

In a tweet that has gone viral, Cecilia said most CCC supporters, especially those in the Diaspora, do nothing and are entitled.

The backlash against Chimbiri started after pictures of her and prominent ZANU-PF youths were shared on various CCC whatsapp groups.

In one of the pictures, Cecilia is seen holding hands with Taurai Kundishaya, who threatened to take back goats that were given to Hopewell Chin’ono by ZANU-PF early this month.

The Africa day games were organized by Director of 4-H Zimbabwe Foundation, John Muchenje under the theme “Sports for Peace & Political Tolerance”

The parties represented were CCC, NCA, MDCT, FEEZ, LEAD, Zanu and Cecillia organised the CCC Youth Teams.

CCC members were divided over the soccer tournament, with some saying the participation was sanctioned by the party leadership and others saying Cecilia seemed to enjoy the company of ZANU PF.