Zanu-PF Bulawayo province chairperson Jabulani Sibanda has urged Zimbabweans to fight tribalism in some parts of the country.

Sibanda made the remarks on Wednesday during the Africa Day celebrations held in Bulawayo.

The celebrations, attended by Zanu-PF members and churches, were held under the theme “The Role of the Church in Consolidating Peace and Development in an Independent Africa.”

Sibanda said: “Africa is one of the richest and greatest continents in the world and there is no need for Zimbabweans to discriminate each other based on their language or tribe as we are all Africans.

“We are Africans until we know our positions as Africans. I never see people as Shona, Ndebele or Kalanga; all I see is Africans. People should stop pointing fingers at each other based on the different languages they speak,” he said.

“European and American countries were built by Africans; hence, we should be proud and embrace our Africanism as God called us to lead in everything.  Let us shun tribalism,” he added.