Godrich Gardee Breathes Fire as Murder Accused Implicates Floyd Shivambu

Former Economic Freedom Fighters Secretary General Godrich Gardee has reacted angrily to the revelations that one of the murder accused in Hillary Gardee’s murder, implicated EFF Deputy President Floyd Shivambu.

Philemon Lukhele said he was tortured for two days with electric shock, water bodying and suffocation to somehow add Shivambu’s name in the murder case.

He said the officers who tortured them, said they had committed the murder with Floyd Shivambu. EFF spokesperson has refuted the claims made by the accused.

Philemon Lukhelule said Floyd Shivambu was not involved in any of the events leading to the murder of Hillary Gardee.

He revealed that this was a political campaign against the Economic Freedom Fighters Party. Gardee dismissed the claims as garbage meant to divide EFF.

Gardee said he does not see any reason why Shivambu would want Hillary Gardee dead. He also said this was a character assassination.