The Ministry of Health in Botswana in partnership with FNB has introduced Online Covid-19 certificate application system, a self-service electronic platform.

The system is such that all people vaccinated in Botswana can download COVID-19 electronic vaccination certificates at the comfort of their homes, offices or other personal spaces.

For one to generate their electronic vaccination certificate, they use the following URL:

The system would require one to enter their identity number (Omang for citizens or passport number for non-citizens). They will also be required to enter their Botswana registered cellphone number, prefixed with 267.

After entering this information, a one-time password also known as OTP, will be sent to their cellphone, which they will use to download the vaccination certificate.

The certificate downloaded has a quick response code, commonly known as QR code, which is the most important aspect of the certificate.

It is the QR code which when scanned will show all information about the holder, being their names, vaccines used and when the vaccines were taken.