President Emmerson Mnangagwa challenger Sybeth Musengezi says he was inhumanely treated when he was arrested and thrown into prison.

Writing on Twitter, Sybeth said they put him in jail, threatened, intimidated and harassed him, to break his fighting spirit.

Musengezi spent a week in jail for falsifying his address when he signed as a Zanu PF member in 2012, but his lawyers said this was an attempt by Mnangagwa to strip him of his Zanu PF membership so that he has no legal standing to pursue his court action.

He said he will not give into ZANU PF demands despite the torture and harrasment.

“Since my arrest & “Profiling”, unidentified people have been coming as they please at my house pretending to be making enquiries, some just park and sit by the roadside anytime they want. If anything suspicious or bad happens at my house it is definitely Mnangagwa’s people”

Sybeth added that Mnangagwa has to respect citizens because Zimbabwe belongs to everyone not him and his associates alone.