United Kingdom based journalist Manyard Manyowa is mourning his late cousin Henrietta who died two days ago.

Manyowa took to social media to pen down a heart breaking text describing how important the cousin was in his life.

He said It has caught him unaware adding that he feels like someone hit him in the tummy with a bat cause the pain is unbearable.

Read the full statement below

My cousin Henrietta died two days ago. I found out today. A lot of people knew her as just Patie. To me she was Gogo, Wifey, Babe, Love, Hun and Cousie.

We were closest between 2010 and 2014, a period of extreme difficulty in my own life.

We spent many nights, lying on my mother’s lawn, watching the stars and dreaming. We argued, we laughed, we fantasised – but above all we told each other everything would be Ok.

Later in life, time, space and distance meant we could not hold hands and watch the stars together as we had done before – but I knew for a fact she loved me and I loved her.

I never thought she would be gone, even though I know all humans die. It has caught me unaware and I feel like someone hit me in the tummy with a bat.

I want to scream, I want to cry, but above all I desperately want someone to say it is NOT true…My cousin Macharaga Makapee was ever smiling. She loved her daughter and lived for her.

And no matter how bad things got in my own life, I always knew what to expect from her – a hug, a naughty text and a huge smile that made you forget everything else in life!🥺🥺🥺