Farai Matsika is one of the richest man in Zimbabwe, a man of high determination and highly focused.

He is the owner of FaraMatsi Motors, Doves Funeral Holdings and several other companies

He grew up in Mufakose.

At the age of 16 moved to Chiredzi where he entered competitive car dealership industry.

That marked the birth of Croco Motors.As co founder he was the salesman.

Croco Motors grew to become a holding company owning several dealership of Range Rover, Jaguar, Mazda, Nissan,UD and Toyota and he was the CEO leading this big ship.

Farai resigned at Croco Motors and sold his stake to start FaraMatsi motors which has grown so fast.

Farai is also the owner of Doves Funeral Holdings making him a multi millionaire businessman.

He has other ventures around the world.