Wellington Mahohoma needs a kidney transplant

Development activist and board member of the Citizens Initiative Wellinton Mahohoma is in dire need of a kidney transplant after being diagnosed with end- stage renal failure.

There is an ongoing fundraising programme for Mahohoma’s kidney transplant. He has to undergo a surgery in India.

Writing on Facebook, Wellington said he has not been lucky in getting a matching donor.

He said with advise from the capable medical team he started dialysis today to give him a stable fighting chance.

Since the last update l havent been lucky in terms of getting a matching donor. Unfortunately my body also was now struggling to cope. With advise from the capable medical team I have started dialysis today.

This does not stop the search for a matching kidney but serves to give me a stable fighting chance. As before I remain positive and this I shall defeat! Thank you so much to everyone who assisted! Twalumba! We remain in   CHARGE!