Chin’ono mocks NRZ for venturing into Borehole drilling

Award winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has mocked the National Railways of Zimbabwe for venturing into borehole drilling.

NRZ is set to acquire a vehicle mounted borehole rig which will be used to drill boreholes within the company’s stations at the same time eliminating an estimated $7 million per month water consumption bill.

Chin’ono said NRZ has proved to be incompetent after destroying the railway service of Zimbabwe its now diversifying into drilling boreholes.

“Now tell me compatriots, what do we do with a railway company called NRZ which has destroyed our railway service in Zimbabwe, and is now diversifying into drilling boreholes?😂😂”

He added: “Can you blame South Africans when they break their ribs laughing at how incompetent and useless this regime is?”