UK based Zimbabwean nurse and YouTuber, Pauline Popo Moyo, has revealed why Zimbabweans are running away from care work jobs after going to the UK on the special skills permits.

Pauline revealed that UK based agents are charging desperate Zimbabweans about 10 000 pounds while they are still in Zimbabwe to assist them to get to the UK.

On arrival in the UK, the Zimbabweans find out that the pay they receive as health care assistants will take months to cover the costs that they incurred to relocate to the UK.

Pauline revealed that the agents are charging for some free services that are not supposed to be paid for such as the certificate.

Please see some of the costs charged by agents as:

Pauline advised Zimbabweans against using agents for applying for the UK care assistant visa.

Instead, Zimbabweans who want to go to the UK should go through the process on their own as the process is simple and inexpensive.

Pauline slammed Zimbabwean immigration agents who are cashing in on desperate fellow citizens and questioned their ethics.

However, she refused to name the agents who are involved in this illegal practice.

The trend of Zimbabweans absconding from care work was raised by popular Zimbabwean award winning journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono, who said the UK may be forced blacklist such Zimbabweans.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.