Warriors player Kuda Mahachi has denied allegations that he scalded his four-year-old son with boiling water in South Africa saying he would soon approach the courts to protect his image.

Addressing journalists at the Bulawayo Media Centre, Mahachi’s lawyer Nkosiyabo Sibanda of Tanaka Law Chambers revealed that the 28-year-old never scalded his son with boiling water as alleged in the media.

Ezra Tshisa Sibanda said Kuda Mahachi’s defence is poor and absolutely shocking.

Ezra revealed chats of Kuda’s wife Rose saying she put salt on the burns to make the wounds heal faster.

Below is what Ezra revealed

PR Disaster as Kudakwashe Mahachi continues to try and absolve himself from the accusations that he burnt his own son Diego before asking a Malayitsha to take him to Zimbabwe. Kuda is poorly advised, the more he tries to explain himself through his lawyers, the more he complicates the case. His defence is absolutely shocking and being all over. Its sad l missed the press conference by his lawyers who should have advised him he was making things worse.

If he thinks this press conference will help his suspension to be lifted by his club, lm sorry it won’t at the moment. Superport were clear, they gave him time to sort out his family problems but he chose not to but sent his lawyers to do it on his behalf which turned out to be a PR disaster.

As earlier established by this page with Bulawayo Airport Immigratiom, Diego left for SA on the 25th of February 2022 by a flight from Bulawayo and was accompanied by Kuda’s sister. The mother of Diego signed an affidavit to confirm she was agreeing for the child to travel to his father with someone who was not the mother.

It was in good intention as the child was invited to go to school there. He would return to Zim almost 2 months later on the 14th of April with a so called “trusted Malayitsha” whose identity is known to this page and also the relationship with Kuda’s current inlaws. I have questions for Kuda and his handlers, questions which have not been addressed despite countless press statements to try and clear his name.

I want to set the record straight, I have no interest in the Kuda & Marita relationship or his current wife Rose, I’m merely interested in the innocent child whose life will never be the same again, a defenceless child who is now disabled caused by adult/s, a child in great pain and who still don’t understand why he was harmed.

A 4 year old child is worth my investigations whether you like it or not. I had to follow up a B Metro Story when they broke the news about this poor little soul. l was also approached by a number of people who were concerned about the welfare of the child. I’m glad l took up the challenge and here we go.

Why has Kuda refused to avail himself to see his seriously ill child battling for his life at Mpilo Hospital? Surely anyone with a child suffering in hospital would rush to see and investigate the cause of the illness. Why is Kuda not coming out to give interviews to the press but chooses to use his lawyers? Instead of addressing the matter concerned, his lawyers opt to bring about past incidents involving Kuda and Marita during their relationship.

Whatever happened in their marriage has nothing to do with the injuries to the child. They should be sensitive enough, ask Kuda to explain what happened to the child who was under his custody instead of him hiding behind a finger and accsuing the child’s mother for what she did during their relationship. I thought their relationship ended long time ago and Kuda is happily married. Where is the step mother Rose now? Why is she not saying anything about the child? Where is the bitterness coming from?

How and why did the child travel from South Africa by road with a Malayitsha yet the father could afford to buy an airticket as he did when the child travelled from Zim to SA? There is no record of Diego entering both SA and Bietbridge Immigratiom border posts enroute to Zimbabwe, what happened, why was he not declared to authorities? It means the child was illegally smuggled to Zim which is a crime and the law was broken.

This needs explanation Mr Mahachi. Was Malayitsha scared that authorities would see the state of the child which would have put the driver in trouble for travelling with a sick child without medical staff? The child was not fit to travel perhaps it is the reason he was illegally transported to Zimbabwe.

Who issued an affidavit to Malayitsha to take a 4 year old across the border if the child travelled legally to Zimbabwe? Where is the affidavit? With the money Kuda has, why didn’t he take the child to specialist doctors in South Africa which has better medical facilities than Zim?

He claims Mpilo Hospital denied specialist doctors he hired to visit the sick child and determine the injuries/illness. The learned lawyers should know that, no doctor can just get into a hospital, whether government or private institution, to visit an admitted patient without applying to that institution for permission.

Secondly this child is subject to a criminal case and no accused person can send people to visit the victim to help administer medication or do investigations. Kuda is currently under investigations and his people can’t just be allowed to visit the victim. Why are they doubting the child got burnt? Why don’t they trust a government hospital?

Mpilo has professional and specialist doctors, do they think they lied that the child was burnt? Why would they do that? Why was the child taken to Kuda’s house in Cowadray Park to live with a caretaker instead of the mother? Why was the child not taken straight to the hospital? Why was the mother not informed on the day the child arrived in Bulawayo? Why was the caretaker and relatives told to keep the suffering child secretly at home and try and do home treatment? 5 days of the caretaker looking after the child yet the mother of the child was just 15 minutes away from the house needs explanation.

There is also evidence of WhatsApp messages attached here reported to be from Kuda’s current wife to someone talking about the injuries of the child. Blame game should stop, own up and sort this out. This page is in possession of Kuda’s contract with SuperSport United ending this June and he is highly paid. He can afford to come to Zimbabwe to see his child.

SuperSport also gives Kuda Mahachi a return airticket twice a year, every season to Zim. If he loves his child, he could have used those air tickets to come home. This page understands SuperSport made a decision long time ago not to renew his contract and this page knows of interests from a Saudi Arabian team.

Lastly watch this video of the child appearing instructed to run around in the house bandaged in the stomach and leg, exactly where the current injuries are. Diego is with Kuda’s other 2 year old from his current wife Rose. Mahachi’s legal team failed to explain why is the child seen bandaged. This page has confirmed, this is Kuda’s house.

This confirms the child was already injured in South Africa despite Kuda telling the world the child left South Africa well. These wounds went untreated for sometime and as always if wounds from burns are left untreated they get infected leading to sepsis. We thank God the child is recovering well.

Yes the little boy will be disabled for life but very pleased and happy his life has been saved by capable doctors and nurses at Mpilo Hospital SuperSport Football SABC News SuperSport United FC South Africa football association SAPS Zimbabwe Republic Police – ZRP Zimbabwe Football #justice4diego