Popular award winning journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono says there is now a strong danger that Zimbabweans will be blacklisted and not allowed to get the  Skilled Visa to do Care Work in the UK.

This comes amid a surge in a number of people absconding from their work places.

Chin’ono said once one absconds, the visa becomes invalid, and a report to British police is made immediately.

Below is what he said

A source at the UK Home Office said it is foolish for anyone to come in on a Skilled Visa, and think that they can get another job elsewhere.

Once they are caught, they will be immediately deported back to Zimbabwe.

Those who have done so are now on the police database, they are essentially now on a Wanted List, and are also now illegal immigrants.

Why would someone be so foolish to get a chance to better their life and then ruin it?

If you seek asylum the UK will put you on a plane to Kigali, Rwanda where your asylum will be processed and you will stay there.