Socialite Mai Tt says she made at least USD3000 in two day after spending more than six hours insulting other women on Facebook.

Writing on Facebook, Mai Tt said her followers should inform her if people attack her on social media so that she can capitalize on the insults.

She said:

This year I need to make money out of all those insults so if you see these Devils on live talking rubbish about me please notify me then we crosspost their lives here on my page 📄 remember my page is monetized also I get stars and also views , most of them just do lives but they aren’t monetized just a few days I made $3000 so imagine if they do this everyday then we crosspost on my page ndoita mari inemumvuri.

My 16 roomed house needs to be finished.
Let’s capitalize on these insults Cat family mukangoona vatanga holler at me . Musatambe ne$3000 pa2 days imi .More views more money regai vatitukire papage pedu tonyatsovaisa 😇
These idiots need to finish off my mansion ❤️