Government denies harbouring Rwandan genocide fugitive Protias Mpiranya

The government has denied harbouring the Rwandan genocide fugitive Protais Mpiranya after it emerged that he died in 2006 and was buried under a false name in Harare.

The remains of Mpiranya, alias Ndume Sambao, were traced to a grave at Granville Cemetery in Harare, popularly known as Kumbudzi.

In a statement Sunday, Foreign Affairs and International trade minister, Fredrick Shava, said Zimbabwe cooperated with United Nations (UN) prosecutors and investigators in trailing Mpiranya, hence had nothing to hide.

“As a law-abiding nation, Zimbabwe will never harbour criminals and welcomes findings from the DNA samples extracted from the fugitive,” Shava.

Shava said international mainstream media and social media are running a smear campaign seeking to portray Zimbabwe as aiding, abetting and hiding a fugitive.

He said that the office of the UN Prosecutor responsible for tracking Rwandan fugitives and the Zimbabwean authorities established a joint task force to coordinate investigations and strengthen cooperation.