Kudakwashe Zhou accuses MDC T VP Chief Ndlovu of acquiring multi million dollar tender from ZANU PF

Political activist Kudakwashe Zhou has accused MDC T VP Chief Ndlovu of accquiring mutli million dollar tenders from a ZANU PF controlled Hwange colliery company.

Zhou said Chief Ndlovu boasts about the huge sums of money he get from the party.

He said voting for MDC-T is a longer route for voting for Zanu PF.

Meanwhile, MDC T spokesperson Witness Dube has disputed the claims. He is offering USD100 to anyone who will that Ndlovu receives ZANU PF tenders

“Bored & desperate people trying to say @OurMDCT is @ZANUPF_Official through telling shameful lies! @OurMDCT through Chief Ndovu, will give away USD$100k to anyone who will prove that such a tender exists, & the name of the company with such a tender.”