Government condemns Simba Chikanza’s attempt to blackmail Auxillia Mnangagwa

The Office of the First Lady has accused journalist Simba Chikanza of attempting to blackmail Auxillia Mnangagwa.

In a press statement, Kudzai Gumbo Director of communication condemned Chikanza for breaching journalism ethics.

Chikanza gave the First Lady an 8-hour ultimatum to return to him and continue an interview she had cut off.

The First Lady’s Office confirmed that she had spoken to Chikanza but insisted that everything was off the record.

Gumbo said the attempt by Chikanza to blackmail Mai Mnangagwa into speaking to him using threats to release an off the record conversation is the worst unethical brooch in journalism.

The statement added that If he carries out his threats, it will break the trust between the Office of the First Lady and the media.